Los Gatos Rodent Control

Rodents often carry diseases into your home that can threaten your family’s health. In order to protect your home from rodent infestation, it’s important to call a company with a well-rounded understanding of how rodents enter your home and also how to keep them out.

Rodent Exclusion in Los Gatos

At Bay Area Rodent Solutions, our approach to providing rodent exclusion is unique because we not only understand the behavior of mice, rats, and other wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons, but we have a lot of knowledge about the elements of structural design that can be exploited by these intelligent animals to gain access into your home.

Los Gatos Rodent Exclusion Inspection

Our rodent exclusion process starts with a full rodent inspection. Our rodent exclusion inspector has decades of experience in identifying areas throughout your home where rodents might gain entry.

This includes soft spots in your home’s exterior and in any attached structures that could be exploited by rodents. Small holes in walls, windows, pipes and ducting, or gaps adjacent to piping can also serve as viable entry points. Even a small gap under an exterior door can allow rodents to get into your home.

After the inspection of your property, our rodent exclusion inspector will offer you pictures and a detailed diagram of all of the potential entrance points he finds as well as a detailed estimate to make any necessary repairs.

To schedule a rodent exclusion inspection, call 1-877-310-7826

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Los Gatos Exclusion Repairs

Our technicians eliminate all vulnerable entry points with material such as metal sheeting, galvanized screens, and concrete. We only use materials that rodents cannot gnaw through, and we use them in every spot that matters.

We will secure areas of your home that you might never expect to be vulnerable to rodents. We also guarantee the quality our exclusion repair work for three years.

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Los Gatos Rodent Cleanup Services

Our comprehensive Los Gatos rodent cleanup services include removing all nests that the rodents may have made in your attic or anywhere else in your home and removing their harmful droppings. We then sanitize infested areas to protect you and your family from the diseases that allergens that rodents can bring into your home.

If you’re looking for rodent cleanup services in Los Gatos, call Bay Area Rodent Solutions at 1-877-310-7826

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    AWESOME!!! Stanley the owner, is incredibly knowledgeable about rodent removal. He sent us pictures and summaries of what we needed to do in our house...

    I heartily recommend this company!!!

    Bryan came out today and gave us some great advice...

    I would 100% recommend him to others as unlike other pest control companies he is skilled and focusses on getting to the root cause of the problem. Thanks!!!