How Long Can a Rat Live Without Food: All You Need to Know

How long can a rat live without food? All living creatures need to consume food to survive. As omnivore scavengers, rats are one of the most adaptable creatures and can eat almost anything; they can also survive for long periods without consuming any food. However,...

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4 Ways to Identify What a Rat Poop Looks Like

Rat infestation frequently includes the smallest signs, like nests, scratches, gnaw marks, and excrement. In addition to being one of the awful things to come across, rat poop can potentially spread illnesses, including tularemia, leptospirosis, and salmonella...

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When to Call an Exterminator for Mice | 6 Possible Signs

The presence of mice in your home is a serious matter that you need to get rid of quickly. These rodents can cause vast and severe problems not just for the structures of your home but for your health and quality of life. Because of this, we encourage calling a rodent...

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