San Mateo Rodent Exclusion

Most San Mateo homeowners don’t think of calling a rodent exclusion company until they see or hear evidence of an infestation. At Bay Area Pest Solutions, we know that a lot of damage can already be done by the time the homeowner notices evidence of rodents. That is why we strongly recommend our San Mateo rodent exclusion services for any homeowner who understands the value of taking precautions against pests.

Rats and squirrels can chew on your electrical wires until they start a fire. Mice and rats can cause disease and contaminate stored food. There have even been cases of rats biting children in their sleep. Instead of taking any chances, we suggest giving our experts a call and getting your home protected immediately.

San Mateo Rodent Inspection

Our San Mateo rodent exclusion services all start with a comprehensive rodent inspection. Our exclusion inspector utilizes more than a decade of experience in home design and rodent exclusion to identify every spot where a rodent either has or could enter your home. Many customers are surprised when our inspector shares his information and shows them just how susceptible their home is to a rodent intrusion.

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San Mateo Exclusion Repairs

After the actual and potential entry points have been identified, our San Mateo rodent exclusion process moves into the repair phase. All of the soft entry points are reinforced with concrete, steel plating, and galvanized steel screens.

All a rat or mouse needs is a tiny opening to gain entry in your home, so we fill those openings with materials rodents cannot chew.

Squirrels and raccoons typically require a larger opening, but raccoons in particular can be very strong and resourceful.

We examine every inch of your home’s exterior and make sure that any spots a rodent or raccoon could use to get into your attic are replaced with corrugated steel.

We offer a guarantee of three years on our exclusion repair work, which can help you to have peace of mind that your home is protected.

San Mateo Rodent Cleanup Services

Our San Mateo rodent cleanup services are the most comprehensive in the industry. We use safe and reliable materials to eliminate any rodent waste that was left behind and to prevent any further damage or contamination. Our experts know where to look for potential rodent nests, and we completely remove accessible nests to keep your home safe.

Bay Area Pest Solutions offers the most comprehensive rodent cleanup services in the San Mateo area. 

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    Customers Reviews

    AWESOME!!! Stanley the owner, is incredibly knowledgeable about rodent removal. He sent us pictures and summaries of what we needed to do in our house...

    I heartily recommend this company!!!

    Bryan came out today and gave us some great advice...

    I would 100% recommend him to others as unlike other pest control companies he is skilled and focusses on getting to the root cause of the problem. Thanks!!!