Rodent Exclusion in Woodside, CA and the Bay Area

Rodents find their way into structures through any soft material or small breach that they can exploit. It could be the siding, the roof, a vent. They can squeeze under a door or through a broken window or screen.

Rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons have an amazing ability to climb and jump. Mice can squeeze through tiny holes and openings as small as ¼” in diameter to enter your home.

Rats and squirrels can even burrow underground to enter the crawl space of your home. It doesn’t take a large hole or gap.

What is Rodent Exclusion?

Rodent exclusion involves making the necessary repairs to keep rats, mice, other rodents, and raccoons from getting into your home or business. Our Exclusion Technicians and Exterminators use the detailed rodent exclusion report and diagram created during your Rodent Proofing Inspection to make all the necessary repairs outlined on the report. We can usually get the job started within five business days and the majority of the jobs take only one day to complete depending on the severity and size of the infested area of the job.

Rodent-Proof Materials

To keep rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons from re-entering your home, our technicians use rodent-proof materials during a rodent exclusion repair such as:

  • Metal flashing
  • Galvanized steel screens
  • Concrete 

What do Rodent Exclusion Repairs Involve?

Rodent exclusion repairs to windows involve repairing any holes in windows and window frames, replacing missing window pains and replacing any ripped window screens. Adding door sweeps to any exterior doors is a common exclusion repair that prevents rodents from squeezing under the doors to enter the home.

The exterior of your home may provide a variety of areas where rodents and other wildlife might seek shelter until they work their way into your home. Your Exclusion Technician can seal off cracks and holes in walls and block off gutters with wire mesh.

The technicians may add grates to open piping and ducting so that rats and mice cannot sneak into your home through your plumbing or air duct systems.

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    AWESOME!!! Stanley the owner, is incredibly knowledgeable about rodent removal. He sent us pictures and summaries of what we needed to do in our house...

    I heartily recommend this company!!!

    Bryan came out today and gave us some great advice...

    I would 100% recommend him to others as unlike other pest control companies he is skilled and focusses on getting to the root cause of the problem. Thanks!!!

    To determine the right exclusion repairs for your home it’s important to first schedule a comprehensive rodent proofing inspection. Call Bay Area Rodent Solutions today 877-301-7826.