Saratoga Rodent Control

Most Saratoga homeowners would like to believe that their homes are protected from rodents. But rats, mice and squirrels do not need a large opening to get into your home and they are not going to wait for an invitation. In fact, a small mouse can squeeze through an opening just ¼” wide. Rodents can carry disease and they cause considerable damage to your home if they are allowed to nest. You might not even realize that your home has been infested until one day a rat or a squirrel chews on an electrical wire and causes a fire.

Rodent Exclusion in Saratoga

If you think your home may be infested with rodents, don’t take a chance with your home or your family’s health. Contact Bay Area Pest Solutions. Our three-step process towards complete Saratoga rodent exclusion will protect your investment in your home and protect the people you love.

Saratoga Rodent Inspection

Rodents are extremely smart and resourceful pests. They can get into parts of your home that seem to be protected. Our rodent exclusion inspector will identify areas where rodents have already entered your home, and he will show you other areas that rodents could use to gain entry. He’ll product a comprehensive report that includes photographs and a diagram of all potential entry points. He’ll also provide you with a detailed estimate for any recommended exclusion repairs, cleanup, and sanitation.

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Saratoga Exclusion Repairs

You can’t just hire a handyman to do rodent exclusion repairs. It requires years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of home design and construction. You must be able to identify and eliminate any areas where rodents might be able to squeeze into a home. A hole as small as a ¼” can be a sufficient opening for a mouse.

Our technicians take all of the areas identified in the rodent exclusion inspection and cover them with materials that rodents can’t gnaw through. We use concrete, metal plating and galvanized steel screens to make sure rodents are not going to set up their nest in your home.

Saratoga Rodent Cleanup Services

We offer the most comprehensive and professional Saratoga rodent cleanup services available. We will use professional and safe methods for removing toxic rodent droppings and other contamination that could cause health problems for your family and your pets. We completely remove all rodent nests and make sure any damage that was done is repaired.

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    AWESOME!!! Stanley the owner, is incredibly knowledgeable about rodent removal. He sent us pictures and summaries of what we needed to do in our house...

    I heartily recommend this company!!!

    Bryan came out today and gave us some great advice...

    I would 100% recommend him to others as unlike other pest control companies he is skilled and focusses on getting to the root cause of the problem. Thanks!!!