Rodent Cleanup in Woodside, CA and the Bay Area

The rodent damage can start when they gnaw through soft materials to get into your home. But the real damage occurs when rats, mice, squirrels, or raccoons enter attics, crawl spaces, and other hidden areas to build their nests and forage for food.

When rodents or raccoons infest your home for any significant period of time, rodent damage, odors, and messy unhealthy conditions are almost inevitable.

Common Rodent Problems That Require Cleanup

Rodent damage can take the form of biological waste, physical damage to the structure of your house and furniture, tainted food, and even electrical faults.

  • Nesting rodents often shred and trample insulation in the attic, walls, and on heat ducts.
  • They soil their nesting and foraging areas with feces and urine
  • Contaminate stored food when they gain access to pantries
  • Holes in sheetrock, drywall, siding, plastic vapor barriers, and plumbing pipes
  • Risk of fire and electrical shorts when rodents gnaw on wiring

Rodent Cleanup in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The rodent cleanup process involves removing any debris, damaged insulation, rodent contaminated materials and feces left by the rodents.

Depending on where the damage is located, our technicians will remove:

  • Rodent feces
  • Nesting sites
  • Damaged insulation
  • Plastic vapor barriers
  • Any other damage or mess left by the rodents

Rodent Sanitation in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

After removing the damaged and contaminated materials and feces, our trained Sanitation Technicians will thoroughly follow the Rodent Inspector’s detailed sanitation report to thoroughly sanitize and deodorize the impacted areas.

Unfortunately, we cannot remove dead rodents from inside walls, but the odor usually subsides within a week. In most cases, our cleanup and sanitation service in the accessible areas of the home will remove any smells lingering in the house.

Finally, our technicians will replace the removed materials with new, up to code materials. We have extensive experience replacing insulation, plastic vapor barriers, and other materials that are commonly damaged by rodents.

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