Monte Sereno Rodent Control

Rodents such as rats and mice often carry diseases that can affect your entire family. Squirrels nesting in your attic can chew on your electrical wires and cause a fire. At Bay Area Rodent Solutions, we find out how the pests got into your home, close all of the entry points they could possibly use, and clean up the mess the rodents left behind. Our goal is to leave you with the peace of mind that your home is protected from rodent infestation.

Rodent Exclusion in Monte Sereno

If you’re looking for Monte Sereno pest exclusion services, you find that our technicians at Bay Area Rodent Solutions go above and beyond what most other companies can offer. The success of our exclusion services come from our deep understanding of rodent behavior and capabilities as well as the latest exclusion materials and strategies to make sure that pests are not able to find their way into your home ever again. We clean up the mess they leave behind and sanitize the areas that they infest.

Rodent Inspection in Monte Sereno

The initial rodent inspection is a critical part of a successful Monte Sereno rodent exclusion project. We put our years of experience to work identifying places rodents have already entered your home, and areas that might provide potential entry for rodents in the future.

We provide you with photos and a diagram of potential rodent entry points along with a detailed written estimate to make any necessary exclusion repairs.

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Exclusion Repairs

The purpose of exclusion repairs is to shield your home from unwanted rodent intrusions. All of the soft spots that have already been infiltrated are reinforced as well as soft spots and holes that could potentially provide rodents, raccoons, squirrels and other critters with access to your home.

We install steel screens and metal plating that rodents cannot chew through, and we close off small openings that rodents could squeeze through with concrete.

Anywhere a rodent can find a way into your home is blocked with materials that rodents cannot penetrate.

Monte Sereno Rodent Cleanup Services

Protecting your home from future rodent incursions is only part of the process. Once the rodents or other animals have been removed and the home has been fully shielded, it is time for our comprehensive Monte Sereno rodent cleanup services.

We remove any nests the rodents have made in your insulation or among your possessions stored in your attic, and we use professional cleaning methods to completely remove the hazardous droppings that rodents leave behind. Then we sanitize any infested areas.

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    AWESOME!!! Stanley the owner, is incredibly knowledgeable about rodent removal. He sent us pictures and summaries of what we needed to do in our house...

    I heartily recommend this company!!!

    Bryan came out today and gave us some great advice...

    I would 100% recommend him to others as unlike other pest control companies he is skilled and focusses on getting to the root cause of the problem. Thanks!!!