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Bay Area Pest Solutions offers rodent inspections for homeowners in Los Gatos, CA.

Our experts will inspect your property and report back to you our findings.

Bay Area Pest Solutions proudly offers rodent inspections for homeowners in Los Gats, CA. Our rodent inspectors have more than 10 years experience in helping homeowners solve rodent problems. We offer a high-quality service at an affordable price. Call 877-308-7826 today if you think you might have a rodent problem. We are happy to assist.

How Do You Know If You Have A Rodent Problem?

If you see rodents in your home, it is likely that they are chewing, scuttling, or scraping. You may hear noises in the attic, ceilings, or inner walls.

Rats could be spotted if your cat or dog is acting strangely or scratching at walls. Note where your pet is acting strangely. This information can be useful for a technician who inspects your home. One of the most visible signs of an infestation is rodent droppings.

Although you suspect that there are rats living in your home, how do you know if they’re rats or mice? Although they have many common indicators, you can use their distinctive indicators to identify which type of rats are present. This will help you decide what bait or trap to use in order to eliminate them.

The mouse droppings are small, less than one inch in length, and are targeted at both ends.

Rat droppings can vary in size depending on their species. Always wear gloves and a mask when cleaning up mouse droppings. Another sign that there is a problem are tiny rodent footprints. These are the best places to look for rodent footprints.

Some people may be sensitive to rodent droppings and fur. The oils in rodent hair can leave oil marks on surfaces or touch the skin when they scamper.

Rat infestations are often associated with a musky odor. The stench can be unbearable if a rodent is killed in a home.

What is a Rodent Inspection?

Bay Area Rodent Solutions can conduct a professional rodent inspection if you suspect that there is a rodent problem. For $150, we will evaluate an average-sized house. We are happy to inspect larger houses (1,800+ sqft), apartments and commercial buildings.

Intelligent rats, mice, and squirrels can be incredibly smart. Anyone can get in. They can chew through soft materials to get into your home or office. Raccoons are not rodents but can still enter your home through the same holes.

Our rodent inspector will inspect the entire house or business for entry points for common pests like rats, mice and squirrels.

This includes:

  • The exterior perimeter
  • The exterior perimeter
  • Crawl spaces
  • Basements
  • Under attached decks
  • Garages
  • Roof tops
  • Living spaces in interiors where evidence can be found

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Bay Area Pest Solutions proudly offers rodent inspections for homeowners in Los Gatos, CA. Our rodent inspectors are professionals with years of experience who will inspect your home for signs that a rodent infestation is present. Our rodent control services are affordable and have more than 10 years’ experience. Call us today at (877)301-7826 to discuss your rodent problems.

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