Pests and rodents entering homes or businesses have always been a cause of concern for property owners. Property owners have increasingly taken a proactive approach to protect themselves from critters. From DIY methods of prevention and eradication to good long-term practices, so many trends have surfaced. 

One trend that so many have opted for is the use of ultrasonic pest control. The use of such devices promises a one-time set-up, eradicating pest problems with a single push of the button. Seems too good to be true, right? Before you go ahead and make that investment, read this article to see if ultrasonic pest control is worth it or a waste of money. 

How is it Designed to Work?

The main claim of ultrasonic pest control product developers is that house pests of different species are affected negatively by the level of sounds. Once plugged in, these ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sounds that should cause pests to have audiogenic seizures. Symptoms of pests can include confusions, convulsions, and even cerebral hemorrhage leading to death. These sounds should cause pests to run away from the source and therefore leave your property. 

The use of sounds to deter pest infestation is not a new strategy. The ancient Chinese have previously used manually operated machines that created audible sounds to keep rodents away from crops and buildings. However, the use of sound frequencies beyond the limit of human hearing called ultrasounds has only been used for pest control over the past few decades. 

Does it Actually Work?

Browsing through websites to purchase ultrasonic pest controls devices, you will see high ratings for these products and numerous testimonies from satisfied customers—all supporting the claims of the producers and manufacturers. However, to date, no scientific study has provided a basis for the claims of success of ultrasonic pest control devices. 

Entomologist, Bart Knols, said during his interview with the BBC that “no scientific evidence whatsoever has been found that ultrasonic sounds can repel mosquitos”. Studies on different pests showed varied reactions from confusion to death, but no drastic statistical change was seen after ultrasonic sound waves were introduced to their environment. 

Due to the absence of scientific support, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent over sixty companies warning letters to remove their efficacy claims. A few years later, some companies were sued for violating this warning.

Safety and Risks When Used

Using these devices that can emit ultrasonic waves can also affect the quality and clarity of other mechanisms relying on wavelengths. It can negatively affect the clarity of phone mobile conversations, interfere with security systems, and mute hearing devices. The noises the ultrasonic pest control emits can also cause distress to other pet rodents such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. 

Best Option? Trust the Professionals

Nothing beats the trusted best practices for prevention. Professional services can help inspect your properties to make sure that you can prevent chances of any pest infestations. To have a better assurance that your home can be safe from all pest and rodent infestations, call the experts at Bay Area Rodent Solutions. 

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