If you’ve noticed more rodent droppings around your home, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners face issues with rodents even if their homes are new and clean. There are several things you may be doing that are inviting rodents into your home without even realizing it. By cutting off the access to their food and shelter, you can deter pests from making your home their home. The rodent exclusion pros at Bay Area Rodent Solutions are here to help by offering these tips to local homeowners. 

  1. Leaving Food or Trash Out – Rodents love food, no matter what kind or how old it is. The smell of food can attract rodents both inside and outside of your home, but you can prevent this. Promptly take out food trash, especially if it has started to smell. Clean out your outdoor trash cans once a month to remove food debris and odors that attract pests. 
  2. Not Sealing Holes or Cracks – Small openings around your house serve as extra doors for rodents and pests.  Rodents can use holes less than half an inch wide to get into your home. 
  3. Overgrown Grass & Weeds – Rodents like to live in tall grasses. Keep your yard neat and tidy to prevent a rodent infestation. 

Unfortunately, rodents still may be able to find a way into your home even if you follow all of these rules. A professional rodent control company can help identify additional entry points and offer customized solutions for your home or business. When you need pest control services in the Bay Area, call Bay Area Rodent Solutions