A Short Guide to Commercial Rodent Control

Keeping your businesses rodent-free doesn’t always seem like a top priority until it’s too late. Unfortunately, rodents entering your businesses may go undetected at the start. If their population is still small, these rodents will only go out at night.

Rodents don’t need big entry points. Rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter and mice can squeeze through holes the size of nickels. Rats and mice in your business place can spread disease, contaminate food and water, damage important documents and property, and even your business’s reputation. 

Prevention is Better than Cure

Mice and rats are attracted to places that can protect them from cold weather and predators, and more importantly where they can find food. They are especially drawn towards leftovers and crumbs which can make your office ideal for them. Mice and rats can enter your workplace through connections between different buildings such as water pipes, cables, and other underground connections. This allows them to quickly and easily move between buildings.

Rodent-proofing your workplace would definitely be easier than having to find ways of getting rid of rodent infestation. You should check utility entry points, like pipes and wire lines, and inspect your offices for holes and gaps large enough for rodents to crawl through. These entry points should be sealed and maintained. Keeping your office kitchen, pantry and garbage area clean and orderly would also prevent rats and mice from choosing to reside there. 

Signs of Rodent Infestation

Rodents entering your workplace may go undetected at the start. Usually, signs that rats or mice are present include small dark droppings that look like tiny grains of rice that are found along walls or in places where food materials are present. You may also notice other destruction such as chewed holes in boxes and bags in your workplace kitchen or pantry, or even bits of paper gnawed paper. Dealing with rodents that have already taken residence inside your workplace may be more complicated and will definitely be a better task left to the experts.

DIY Options?

The usual methods of getting rid of rodent infestations on your own would be through using traps and baits. However, snap traps, glue traps, and the more humane live traps can only be effective if you are sure that there are only one or two rodents in your place. Also, it wouldn’t be very effective if you are unsure of what kind of rodent has taken residence in your office. Trapping the rats and mice that you are aware of would not fully solve the possibly bigger rodent problem you might actually be having. 

Best Choice? Trust the Professionals

Professionals like Bay Area Rodent Solutions in San Francisco are fully capable of not only eradicating your rodent problem but also making sure your businesses stay rodent-free. They don’t only do rodent exclusions to solve the problem. They conduct rodent inspection and prevention to seal off any possible entry points for rats and mice. Rodent Exclusion Specialists have well-trained eyes and seal off all your businesses from any type of rodent. They don’t just come to fix the problem on the surface. They get to the root of it and take all necessary precautions to avoid it from happening again. 

Bay Area Rodent Solutions have over 12 years of experience in committed rodent infestation solution services to home and business owners throughout the bay area. Bay Area Rodent Solutions can be your trusted partner for rodent exclusion, rodent inspections, rodent clean up, and virucide sanitation. Visit their website at https://bayarearodentsolutions.com/ or call them at 877-301-7826 or 408-340-6481 to learn more about the services they can provide.