Rodents are a common pest in homes all over the world. They are found everywhere, from houses to buildings. The key to keeping rodents away is to identify what they need for shelter, food, warmth, and water. If you eliminate these requirements, then they will go somewhere else rather than stay in your home or office building where they can cause damage.

Rodents are commonly found in homes because of the food they can find there, but also because it shelters them. Rodents like to find dark, warm places inside or outside your home where they will feel safe and secure.

The first step is to make sure all holes, crevices, vents, etc., are filled to prevent them from entering your home. If you have rodents, call an exterminator because they will be able to inspect the area and tell you where the rodents are coming from so that they can be blocked off. 

The experts at Bay Area Rodent shared some areas to inspect in particular to rodent-proof your home:


Rodents love to make their homes in air vents because it provides them with warmth and shelter. If they can get through the vent, then they will find themselves right in your living room. Inspect any vents around your exterior foundation for holes, cracks, or anything that would give rodents an easy access point into your home. Remove anything that is attached to or touching your vents.

Trees And Shrubs

Tree branches hanging over the top of your roof can provide a place for rodents to build nests and make their way into your attic. The same goes with shrubs that are close to your windows, doors, or vents. 

Rodents will use these as shelters from the elements and as a place to leave their droppings. Prune any branches that are overhanging your home and remove the shrubs if they’re close enough for rodents to have access to build a nest in them.


You will want to inspect any holes, cracks, or even tree branches that may be touching your roof. These are areas where rodents can find shelter and make their way into your home.


Rodents can build nests in the gutters on your roof. They not only shelter them, but they can also cause damage to the foundation if they are leaning too far out or collecting water. Make sure to inspect your gutters for any holes or rodents that may have already entered their home there.


Rodents love garages because they provide them with shelter, warmth, and protection from predators. They will make their way through any holes they can find, whether it’s the garage door, walls, or doors that lead into your home. Inspect for small little holes that may be along the edges of where your roof meets the wall of your garage.


The attic is a prime location for rodents to make their home. This area will shelter them, protect them from the elements and predators, and provide warmth in cold weather. Make sure that there are no holes anywhere in your attic or where your walls meet the ceiling of your garage. 

If you suspect that they may be in your attic, then contact a professional who can inspect it to make sure they are gone.

Once you have identified where the rodents could be entering your home, it’s time to seal them off. If there are holes in the wall or floor of your garage, then patch them up with metal, wood, or even caulk. If you have small cracks in your walls or foundation, then you can use steel wool to plug them up. The reason why you can not just use regular cotton is that rodents will chew right through it.

A professional inspection can help determine where rodents are gaining access to your home. Rodents can be difficult to get rid of on your own, so contact a professional who can do an inspection and removal.

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