5 Tips to Keep Your Homes Rodent-Free

Any wild rodent entering your homes is definitely a cause to be concerned about. Aside from unexpected sightings of these rodents being startling, rodents such as mice and rats, can contaminate food, chew on your furniture, important documents, and electrical wirings, and even spread disease. 

Rodents don’t need big entry points to your homes. Rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter and mice can squeeze through holes the size of nickels. So, before they find access to your home and start making trouble, it is vital to rodent proof your home. Below are 5 tips from professionals at Bay Area Rodent Solutions in San Francisco.  

1. Inspect and Seal Holes in the Outer Walls of Your Home

Start by looking for holes and gaps all through the foundations of your house or even your walls and attics. Any holes large enough for any mice or rats to enter should be blocked and sealed with wire mesh or caulking guns. These tiny entrances may be hard to detect for the untrained eye, however, professionals rodent solution service teams like the Bay Area Rodent Solutions can identify harder to find entry points and seal them properly to prevent rodents from entering your home. 

2. Add Some Line of Protection to Open Entries of Your Home

Install rodent barriers around decks, patios and porches. Make sure to protect your chimneys with chimney caps. Weather strip and caulk all windows and doors, including your garage door. Inspect your home’s crawl space, inside and out, and seal every opening and crack, no matter how small. 

3. Pay Close Attention to Your Garden and Shrubbery

Garden areas, bushes, shrubs and tree branches, should be properly inspected. Mice use thick foliage as a protective pathway to your home and as cover from predators like cats, owls, snakes, and more. Make sure that your garden area and bushes are properly trimmed and maintained and have no piles of rubbish or overgrowth that can be perfect living areas for rats. Overhanging branches that are close to your house can also be used by rodents as a passage to enter your house. Maintain these branches properly pruned and trimmed away from your home. Shrubs along foundations should be planted a few feet away from the foundation. Keep the soil level low enough that mice cannot squeeze their way up behind the siding.

4. Check all Utility Entry Points, Pipe and Wire Lines

Any pipe or wire lines that enter the house from the outside can be a possible passage for rodents. Pipes that run vertically up houses can be utilized by rats as direct pathways onto and into your home. You can paint a 12” band around the pipe at least 3 feet from the ground using high gloss clear paint to stop rodents from climbing. As an alternative, you can place circular metal rodent guards around the pipe. Make sure to check entry points of wire lines. Any entry point too big should be blocked off with mesh wires or caulking guns.

5. Keep Everything Clean and Seal Your Garbage Properly

Rodents usually roam around in search of food. Places like the kitchen where there may be spilled crumbs or food scraps on floors or countertops, is an invitation for mice and rats. Keeping your homes cleaned and everything sealed off prevents rodents from having any incentive to enter. Garbage must be kept in sealed bags or containers, and any kind of debris should be removed. It is essential to take care of hygiene and sanitation in order to rodent proof your home.

How to Detect if Rodents have Entered Your Homes

Rodents entering your homes may go undetected at the start. Usually, signs that rats or mice are present include small dark droppings that look like tiny grains of rice that are found along walls or in places where food materials are present. You may also notice other destruction, such as chewed holes in boxes and bags of dry goods in a pantry, in pet food bags, or in bags of grass seed in the garage. Dealing with rodents that have already taken residence inside your homes may be more complicated and will definitely be a better task left to the experts.

Is it Time to Call the Experts?

If these tips are done properly, the chances of rodents entering your home can be near to none. But only if done properly. To have a better assurance that your home can be rodent-proof, call the professionals. Rodent exclusion or rodent prevention is the process of sealing up points of entry for rats and mice. Rodent Exclusion Specialists have well-trained eyes and seal off all your homes from any type of rodent. 

Bay Area Rodent Solutions have over 12 years of experience in committed rodent infestation solution services to home and business owners throughout the bay area. Bay Area Rodent Solutions can be your trusted partner for rodent exclusion, rodent inspections, rodent clean up, and virucide sanitation. Call them at 877-301-7826 or 408-340-6481 to learn more about the services they can provide.