The presence of mice in your home is a serious matter that you need to get rid of quickly. These rodents can cause vast and severe problems not just for the structures of your home but for your health and quality of life. Because of this, we encourage calling a rodent exterminator as soon as you notice a rodent infestation in your home so that they can handle it before the issue worsens.

Most householders cannot distinguish between pest infestations that they can treat themselves and those that require professional assistance. The following characteristics will help you decide when it’s the right time to contact us for assistance.


Signs to Look Out for a Possible Mice Infestation


When You See Droppings

Mouse droppings, together with their urine, are one of the common signs of a mouse’s presence in your home. Droppings are usually about the size of a grain of rice and range between dark brown to black. The familiar places to find droppings and urine are around warm places such as behind the stoves, wall voids, inside the cabinets and drawers, and under the sink. 

An initial presence of droppings or black remnants is a sign of mouse activity and should be a reason to call a professional exterminator as soon as possible. The reason is that rodents carry hantavirus that can be transferred through their urine and feces; humans can contact this by breathing in the dust of mouse feces and urine mixed up with the air circulating in homes. 


When There Are Wood Shavings

Mice have a habit of gnawing or chewing furniture made of wood at home like cabinets, drawers and corners. This can be seen through wood shavings or bite marks around your house. If you observe gnawed items or wood shavings around your home, you can call a mice control company to take care of the issue before it worses. 


When There Is Damage In Food Packaging 

When mice enter food containers or packaging, this can be seen through irregular holes and edges developed around the packaging or containers. You might also find droppings in and around those food packages because mice frequently urinate throughout the day.

If you see any of these indications that mice are present in your pantry, kitchen, or other areas where you keep food, contact an exterminator immediately away. Mice are carriers of respiratory diseases and can introduce fleas into your house.


When You Start To Notice Nesting Materials

Mice belong to the population of creatures who like to construct nests. They usually gather materials like silk, dried plants, fabric, or shredded paper to build their nest. 

Contact a professional mice removal company if you notice clusters of any of these items, particularly close to droppings or trails, to address the issue before it worsens.


When Your House Starts To Smell

The presence of the infestation can be deemed large if an area in your house starts to smell like ammonia. The smell can come from a large amount of urine being left—the more pungent the smell, the higher and closer the mouse activity. 


When You Hear Scratching Sounds

When multiple mice live in your house, the walls, ceiling, and attic become their favorite hotspots. Because insulation and other soft, cuddly materials make excellent nesting materials, mice choose to build their homes there. You will probably hear light scratching in the walls and ceiling, scrabbling in the walls, and occasionally even squeaking once a family of mice moves in.

Although it might not seem as significant as finding mouse droppings, mice can harm your walls’ electrical wiring, chew through baseboards, and contaminate your pantry and kitchen food.


Call Bay Area Rodent Solutions Today To Get Rid of Mice Completely!

Mice and Rodents have rapid breeding cycles, which makes them capable of creating more havoc in your home. Even if there are DIY solutions that can help you manage the first sign of infestation, it can always get out of control and create more damage. So, if you notice the signs of a possible mice infestation at your home, drop the DIY methods and call a mice exterminator professional like us, Bay Area Rodent Solutions. We will not only eliminate the present infestation but will also help you prevent a recurrence. Give us a call at 877-301-7826 or send us a message today for a guaranteed elimination of these rodents and rats.