Bay Area Rodent Solutions urges San Jose, CA homeowners and businesses to rodent-proof their homes and facilities. Rodents infiltrate structures through any soft material or small hole, crack, or crevice that they can exploit. Potential entrances include the siding, the roof, or a vent. Rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons are amazingly adept at climbing and jumping. Rodents can squeeze under a door or through a broken window or screen, while mice can squeeze through tiny holes and openings as small as a quarter-inch in diameter to enter a home or business. They can even enter beneath the home through cracks in the foundation of the structure.

Bay Area Rodent Solutions, family-owned and operated for over twelve years, advises prospective customers to first schedule a comprehensive rodent inspection. The rodent inspector will come out to provide a complete top-to-bottom inspection of the home or business to identify any openings where rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, or other wildlife may be entering. The assessment includes the entire exterior perimeter, crawl spaces, basements, under attached decks, garages, rooftops, and interior living spaces where evidence is found.

Following the inspection, the rodent inspector will explain the details of what was discovered on the property. The report lays out a detailed diagram of the structure that indicates the locations of the rodent damage and any possible entry points, a proposal to remove and repair the damage and seal off the rodent entry and exit points, digital photos of infested areas, and a detailed sanitation report outlining how Bay Area Rodent Solutions will clean and sanitize infested areas. After providing the report and an estimate, the inspector will answer any questions. Upon approval of the estimate, the inspector will work with the owner to schedule the rodent exclusion repairs.

Rodent exclusion involves making the necessary repairs and improvements to prevent rats, mice, other rodents, and raccoons from invading a home or business. Exclusion technicians from Bay Area Rodent Solutions utilize the detailed rodent report and diagram created during the rodent inspection to make all the necessary repairs. They can usually start the job within five business days. The majority of the jobs take only one day to complete depending on the severity and size of the infested area of the job.

Once the exclusion technicians have rodent-proofed a structure, it is essential to clean and sanitize the affected areas. The rodent cleanup process involves removing any debris, damaged insulation, rodent contaminated materials, and feces left by the rodents. Depending on where the damage is located, the technicians will remove rodent feces, nesting sites, damaged insulation, plastic vapor barriers, and any other damage or mess left by the rodents.

After removing the damaged and contaminated materials and feces, trained sanitation technicians follow the rodent inspector’s detailed sanitation report to thoroughly sanitize and deodorize the impacted areas.

Finally, their technicians replace the removed materials with new, up-to-code materials. They have extensive experience replacing insulation, plastic vapor barriers, and other materials that are commonly damaged by rodents.

Rodent exclusion requires extensive knowledge of rodent behavior and capabilities. It also requires a keen understanding of common construction practices to make the best use of rodent-proof materials. No other company in the Bay Area offers this level of expertise or their signature approach to rodent exclusion.

Bay Area Rodent Solutions, based in Campbell, CA specializes in rodent inspections, exclusion repairs, as well as rodent clean up and sanitation. The company serve San Jose, CA, and the entire Bay Area from San Francisco to Monterey and as far east as Walnut Creek.


To learn more about rodent proofing in San Jose, CA or to receive a free estimate, visit the Bay Area Rodent Solutions website at https://bayarearodentsolutions.com.