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Here at Bay Area Rodent Solutions, we take pride in our workmanship and effectiveness, as we implement the highest quality exclusion techniques in the profession. Coupled with 50 years of practical industry experience, and maintaining open communication while being fully devoted to our customers and their needs, you can expect that our team will be able to solve any issue with diligence.


It is our firm belief that small businesses can establish more personal connections with their customers compared to bigger organizations. This is an advantage that we can boast, as we are firmly dedicated to addressing the needs of our customers and will always be available for a consultation.


At Bay Area Rodent Solutions, we specialize in customizing a structured plan for solutions that can solve your specific problems. Based on an in-depth inspection from one of our experienced staff members, you can be assured that a plan will be readily created and executed to ensure a positive customer experience. High quality work, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service are the primary objectives that we aim for every project.


Count on Bay Area Rodent Solutions when quality and exceptional service really matters.

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